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Travel Tasty Scooter Rentals isn’t just another rental company. We’re  team passionate about creating unforgettable experiences for tourists in Weligama, Midigama, Ahanngama , Mirissa  and the surrounding areas. With over 5 years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to ensure a hassle-free, Friendly and comfortable scooter rental Service for your Sri Lankan adventure.

Type Of Scooters You Can Rent In Weligama

Scooters are very popular among tourists those days in Downsouth Sri Lanka. Specially in Weligama, Ahangama, Mirissa, Kabalana, Midigama high popular tourists Areas. Its budget friendly and its easy to there works. Almost surf communities, digital nomad communities , short term travelers and long term stay tourists using scooters.

Here Is Most Famous Scooters Models In Downsouth Sri Lanka.                                                                                                              Specially in Weligama, Midigama, Ahangama, and Surrounding Areas.

Budget Friendly Scooters in Weligama

*Honda Dio Scooter

*Honda Navy Scooters

*Tvs Ntorq 125cc Scooters

*Yamaha Zr Scooters

*Scooty Pep (small)


*Rental cost Depend on

    * Rental Dates.

      Its Daily, Weekly,Monthly

    *Scooter Conditions

    *Each City Areas

    * Etc..

Scooter Rental Rates In Weligama

 An Example (Base on 2022-2023 Prices)

 Example For Honda Dio Scooter

                per Day between 2000-2500 Lkr

                For Week      Per week  10500-12500Lkr

                For Month                    40000-45000Lkr

Expensive Scooters In Weligama and Nearby Areas As Midigama, Ahangama, Mirissa Areas

 *Honda Pcx

*Yamaha Nmax

*Suzuki Burgman

1.Honda Dio Scooter 110cc

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The Honda Dio is a sleek and stylish scooter designed for modern urban living.

Its Come From 110cc engine Capacity & Self Start Button and Automatic Gear option. So its easy for even new rider and its very comfortable for riding

Dio is perfect for navigating through city streets with ease.

Powered by a fuel-efficient engine, it delivers a smooth and responsive ride while offering excellent fuel economy. With its lightweight body and nimble handling, the Dio makes maneuvering through traffic a breeze.

Equipped with advanced features such as LED headlights, digital instrumentation, and ample storage space, the Honda Dio combines style, performance, and practicality in one versatile package.

Its Suitable For Average 2 Persons For Ride

2.Honda Navy Scooter 110cc

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If You Are find sporty mood scooter.  So here is Honda Navy Scooter!Same As 110cc Engine Capacity As Honda Dio and This for Sporty model Person.

Honda Navy Comes with Auto Gear, Self Start. Its easy to handle.You Can Also Rent that kind of scooters from us.

If you are Surf Guy. Then Can Attach Surf Racks For Those Scooters.

3.Tvs Ntorq 125cc

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TVS Ntorq 125 is powered by a high-performance 125cc engine that delivers strong acceleration and impressive top speed.

Great Choice For over 6 feet persons and who likes more Powerfull scooter in Street.

Generous Storage: The scooter features ample under-seat storage space, capable of accommodating a full-face helmet or other essentials, making it practical for daily commuting and errands.

Those 3 Of Scooters are most popular among tourists who lives in Down South Sri Lanka.

Weligama, Midigama, Ahangama, City Areas.

 In Addition You Can Get other Scooters As Well

*Yamaha Zr Scooter

*Scooty Pept

*Vespa etc..!

*Yamaha Zr Scooter


*Suzuki Burgman


*Yamaha Nmax

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About Scooter Rent In Weligama

Its depend on scooter model and rental dates.You can easily negotiate with rental shop!

also just text us via whatsapp, then we will send all details for you!



yes, you can ask then

Note that

Surf rack still illegal to Attach to scooters. But most tourists use that,also if sometimes stop by police then you may fine by police.

Be aware that!!

Generally, you must be of legal age with a valid International driver’s license

you need to deposit passports or cash deposit instead scooter,its  Refundable when you are return scooter.


Yes, you can often reserve a scooter in advance through our whatsapp This ensures availability and saves you time when you’re ready to ride.

Contact us immediately! We’ll either replace the scooter or provide assistance to resolve the issue promptly.

However, significant damages may incur additional charges. Always inspect the scooter before and after your ride to note any pre-existing damages.

You’re required to follow all traffic laws and regulations while riding our scooters. This includes obeying speed limits, using designated lanes, and yielding to pedestrians.

When you ride always use Helmets!!

Remember to always prioritize safety and responsible riding while using our scooter rental service. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our customer support team for assistance!!

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